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What is the Skulls' Festival?
The Skulls' Festival is one of the greatest attractions of Aguascalientes. Year after year at the end of October and beginning of November the entire City turns into an alive colorful celebration in honor to our deads.

The origin of this Festival was to rescue and preserve the worship traditions to the deads and is precisely the insight of this celebration to pay tribute to one of the most worldwide awarded plastic artists: Jose Guadalupe Posada. A great master engraver and painter born in Aguascalientes and to whom we owe the creation of  “La Catrina”,  character that each year is the luxury host of “The Skulls’ Festival.

We kindly invite you to enjoy with us The XIX Skulls’ Festival from November 1st to 10th at the San Marcos Island premises, where you can let yourself go with the magic, beauty and mysticism created for this occasion, walk through and treat yourself with the paper artwork carried to the reality by talented actors who are going recreate lively some of the characters created by Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Feel this celebration with the delicate touches in the artisans crafts exhibitions, treat yourself tasting the food, let your soul enjoy the very particular chords of the concerts performed by the Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra, attend to the Cinema Shows and Music Venues as well as the traditional street theater. Walk throughout the City’s streets in the guided thematic tours created specially for you, such as the Souls’ Procession in our touristic wagons and be yourself a attendee of the Altars and a participant of the Most Delicious Bread Contest.

Don’t miss the chance of attending to the One of its Kind Skulls’ Parade, which every year evolves and performs new and great content, the parade’s floats and trucks can be admired throughout the entire “Madero” Street, which is considered one of the most important streets in Aguascalientes’ historic downtown.

Music and Theater, Culture and Amusement, Tradition and Entertainment are awaiting for you in Aguascalientes.

Who is la Catrina?

It is an iron made graving created in 1912 by Jose Guadalupe Posada, engraver known as one of the most relevant artists in Mexico who was born in Aguascalientes in 1852.

The original name given by its creator is “Calavera Garbancera” ( the “Chickpearer Skull”) Word used in the past to define those people who sell chickpeas and who despite of their indian blood pretended to be european, denying their own race, heritage and culture.

Why is "La Catrina" famous around the world?

Mostly , because it is the representation on how the mexican people tends to cartoon the death, to mock on her, which has been the influence of many artistic and cultural demonstrations in our country throughout its history.

Calaveras Diego Rivera was the man who immortalized her under the name of “Catrina” In one of his own artwork mural by putting himself taking her hand in front of Frida Kahlo, this fact turned her into a popular character which identifies us internationally.
From the graphic and aesthetic points of view, his natural ellipse drawing, his perfect proportions and his expressive richness made her his all- times master art piece Festival
With her detailed shape and her flirtatious and mischievous smile, she shows paradoxically the pleasure of living with the imminent death, reminding us that life is here and now.

Where could i meet her?

You can even take a picture with the original iron made engrave due to its exhibition at the “Jose Guadalupe Posada” Museum in the City of Aguascalientes among other master pieces of the artist. Catrina

Aguascalientes offers also to its visitors the option of the National Museum of the Death (more than 2,000 exhibitions pieces related with the death) or you can decide whether taking pictures of the Dead Hill and its amazing sunsets, or choose between a guided tour to visit the Legends of Aguascalientes in our Historic Downtown and its 4 Traditional Neighborhoods or visit us near of the Day of the Deads’ dates when it it carry on the Skulls’ Festival (performing celebrations, dead’s altars, costumes and floats parade, concerts, spectacles, theater venues, night time guided tours to pantheons and much more).

Live it and Spread the word out of it!

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